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Founded in 2013, The Carbon Group is driven by a passion for fostering the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

We understand the challenges in obtaining affordable support across marketing, business development, strategy, leadership and recruitment.

Our mission is to bridge the gap by offering tailored, flexible solutions for businesses that may not have the resources or skills in-house.

With a team of experts in marketing, sales, business development and growth strategies, we have been empowering businesses for ten years now and we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about your business.

So please get in touch; scroll down to find our contact details.

We are also listed on https://www.lincoln.org.uk/

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Crispin Vitoria

Founder & Partner

Crispin is a seasoned consultant and his experience spans across various sectors, working with small, large, and non-profit organizations, constantly seeking innovative strategies for growth.

Crispin started his career running expeditions and adventure races in Namibia and Borneo but had to settle down when he started a family and has since held numerous consulting and advisory roles with organisations including a Non-Exec Directorship at Snowsport England, a consultant at Siemens, and assisting US sports sponsorship software company, Hookit, to establish its footprint in the UK. He has also worked with Macmillan Cancer Support as Head of Sponsorship, creating and delivering commercial sponsorship strategies.  

Crispin coaches his son’s football team (they recently lost 10-0), he also volunteers as the head of marketing for the 120-year-old Eastgate Club and is a Trustee of The Frederick Andrew Trust.

Mathew Smallwood


Mathew Smallwood is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with 19 years of high-level leadership experience. He specialises in developing and implementing marketing strategies, campaigns, brand identity, and content creation. Mathew has a passion developing marketing plans that drive digital innovation in every aspect of customer journey.

Throughout his career, Mathew has held key roles in various organisations, including Active Nation, where he served as Group Marketing & Communications Manager for 13 years, leading brand development, commercial marketing activity, and digital transformation. Now working with a number of businesses across the leisure and service delivery sector, he has been instrumental in supporting organisations with marketing strategy, rebranding, website development and optimisation, app development and social media strategy.

Specialism: Marketing, Branding and Sales

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