Krantz Designs

Marketing & Business Development Services

Krantz Designs create luxury bespoke interior spaces for premium clients across the UK. Specialising in Kitchens, Bootrooms and Bedrooms, they have been handcrafting beautiful custom furniture since 2004.


Krantz Designs had a strategic vision to engage with more Developers and Architects to build business-to-business relationships, having to date largely sold directly to their clients. This would expand the brand name into more markets and allow them to work on multi-dwelling projects rather than single units.


The Carbon Group grew the LinkedIn profiles of Krantz Designs and its partners to engage with target audiences. We also made improvements to the website to make it more commercially focused and implemented a new lead generation tool which linked into national planning portals, giving visibility of up coming development opportunities.


Within a six month period, Krantz Designs were connected to over 100 architects and developers, dealing with 20+ development leads per week.

The improvements made to their website created a more refined customer journey that increased website visit time and visits.

We created a series of lead generation tools and ideas that helped to establish new relationships in a competitive market, that clearly stood out from the crowd.

Crispin & Mathew have such an innovative approach to their work and their level of enthusiasm and passion to help the business they are working for is really true and feels entirely natural. I really enjoyed working with them on the growth of our company and some of their ideas were genius! Would definitely recommend their services.

Maria Constantinou, Director, Krantz Designs