The Brief

In supporting Rubicon Leisure we looked at their overall approach to marketing. There were many great elements to the brand and communication, but they needed pulling together into a more refined story and plan.

Although our support extended to writing the marketing strategy, campaign plan, social media strategy and other key elements, something that we quickly identified was that a large piece of work needed to be done to improve their website, which in its current format was not representing the brand or offer well.


We wanted to produce a high impact website that easily communicated the broad offerings that Rubicon Leisure has to offer. Recognising that the five aspects of the business all had a very different offerings, audiences and local brand awareness, we created a series of 4 new websites to showcase the offering in more detail.

At the same time, working with Perfect Gym Solutions, we integrated a new Leisure Management booking system to improve the online booking processes for Abbey Stadium.


Completing the build, on time and on budget, for 4 new websites, has significantly improved the function, navigation, usability and customer experience for Rubicon Leisure customers. As a result the website optimisation, ranking and visits has significantly increased. Rubicon Leisure now has a more commercial tool to communicate, interact and transact online.

Rubicon Leisure’s new website are: